Youth Wrestling Parent Expectations

Watching our children learn the values of our sport, have fun, compete, and improve in the sport of Wrestling is fun for all parents. Unfortunately, it takes a lot to make a youth wrestling program successful and youth sports can also bring out the worst in adults. It is important that parents are involved and informed in their child's experiences in the club, but Peachtree Ridge Youth Wrestling also believes that the role of a parent should be one of love, care, and support.

As a result of this philosophy, below are the volunteer requirements and the 11 points that will guide the Peachtree Ridge Youth Wrestling parent culture.

Volunteer Requirements

It costs a lot to make a wrestling program work. We depend on our parents to volunteer for our fundraisers, home duals, home tournaments, banquet, etc. If parents did not volunteer, it would cost a lot more to wrestle.

1) All parents are expected to volunteer for at least two of the three events we host. These are our biggest fundraisers and all PRYAA wrestlers are allowed to compete on these dates FREE. Please refer to the schedule for specific dates.

a. Pride Duals

b. Lions Maul

c. Lions Maul Novice

2) All families are expected to volunteer for at least one home dual event. The need will fluctuate based on the weekend. The Wrestling Director or a member of the board will share our needs as we approach events.

3) Fundraisers are the life source of our program. They go to help cover program costs including facilities, officials, snacks, and travel. Participation in all fundraisers is mandatory. Our current list of fundraisers requiring parent participation consists of:

a. T-Shirt Sponsorship Fundraiser

b. BBQ Plate Fundraiser

Buyout Options

Parents may buyout their volunteer requirements in one of two ways:

1) Complete buy out $500 per wrestler. This will remove all the volunteer requirements listed above.

2) If you are unable to participate in an individual fundraiser (refer to bullet 3 above) for any reason, you may buy out your participation for $100 per wrestler.

If you would like to pursue either of the buyout options, then please send an email to the PRYAA Wrestling director stating which option you would like to pursue.

Parent Behaviors

1) Let the Coaches Coach:

There should only be one person/voice that coaches. If you are telling your son or daughter or any other player to do something - you are coaching. Even worse is if you are telling your son or daughter to do something that is different from what their coach is telling them. This creates confusion and distraction. Cheer for them, encourage them, tell them how awesome they did no matter how badly you think it went, but don't coach them.

2) Let the Kids Play:

Wrestling is a tough sport. It is made even more difficult when parents are yelling from the sidelines. Encourage them, cheer for them but do not go beyond this.

3) Do Not Discuss the play of any players in front of other parents:

“I don’t know how he made the team.” “She just isn’t fast enough.” Negative comments are hurtful and unnecessary and kill parent harmony – something that is essential to a team’s experience and success.

4) Your children listen, believe, and say the same things that you say to them:

A negative parent attitude often results in a negative child’s attitude. Be positive in all things while attending events.

5) Do not complain about your son or daughter’s coach to other parents:

If you have an issue, speak to your coach. If you do not feel comfortable speaking to the coach about the issue, please pull aside one of the many board members to discuss the issue.

6) Positive comments from the stands:

Cheer on everyone’s kid like they are your own. You wouldn’t believe the impact that hearing other people cheer for a child can have on their performance. You can often see a young player make an extra effort when they hear encouraging words.

7) Avoid negative comments about the other team:

We are all working with children. These young players aren’t professionals. Speaking about the other team is tasteless and these kinds of comments will not be tolerated by Peachtree Ridge Youth Wrestling Club.

8) Interaction with Parents from another team:

These parents are not the enemy and, in many cases, there can be some great conversations or discussions amongst parent groups. On the other hand, if there is a negative parent or group of parents do not engage or stoop to their level.

9) Referees:

Like your child who will make mistakes during a match, so will a referee. These referees are learning and improving, and your feedback is not needed or welcome, regardless of how good or bad you think they are doing. No coach, parent or player has EVER changed the mind of a referee - resist the urge to try. If you do not understand why a call was made, please ask another parent. If they cannot answer you, then please pull a coach aside.

10) Outbursts:

Outburst towards the referee or the other team only signal to our children on the field that it is okay to blame referees and unfairness for anything that goes wrong. Blaming others is not a formula for success in sports or in life.

11) ‘It was in the heat of the moment’:

We all feel things and are all tempted to say things in the ‘heat of the moment’. This is not a reason for an outburst. Our PRYAA wrestlers who do things in the ‘heat of the moment’ get penalized, ejected, etc. so we should apply similar standards to our own behavior.

12) Walk Away:

If all else fails, walk away.