Peachtree Ridge High School Wrestling

Established in 2003, the team of Peachtree Ridge High School embodies an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of excellence. Boasting a track record of achievements across all levels, the wrestling team of Peachtree Ridge High School stands as an undeniable powerhouse. A multitude of our alumni have translated their experiences and success on the mat into success in both private and public sectors.

Our mission

Peachtree Ridge Wrestling will become a premier wrestling program promoting excellence with student athletes that are leaders in school and in the community.

Our vision

To be the most premier wrestling program in our area by developing individuals who are above reproach, successful in life, give back to their community, and believe in themselves while growing every day.

Meet Head Coach John Petty

Our board

Our strength lies in our family.


Wrestling Director

Christopher gilchrist

Assistant Director

Kendra Mayshack


Kelly Kiley

Finance Director


Co-Assistant Director

Syr Stewart

Social Media / Website Chair

Tara Denton

Team Support Coordinator

Brittany Vachon & Steven McCormick

Fundraising Chair